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« Ransom The Box (HD, New, TV-14) Eric and the team are thrown for a loop when they are called in to negotiate with a group of bank robbers who are not demanding cash.
48 Hours Mystery Innocence Lost (Repeat, TV-14) Two teenagers are convicted of murdering four young girls; 18 years later, new evidence surfaces that cracks the case wide open.
48 Hours Devil's Island (HD, Repeat, TV-14) The missing persons case of Southern California woman Yvonne Baldelli, who disappeared after relocating to Panama with her former Marine boyfriend.
KSLA News 12 at 10PM (New) The KSLA News 12 Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, Shreveport area weather and tomorrow's forecast.

« Walker, Texas Ranger 6 Hours (TV-14) A Dallas billionaire's daughter is kidnapped by her own bodyguard, and the Texas Rangers make a desperate attempt to get her back.
Walker, Texas Ranger Medieval Crimes (TV-PG) Gage goes undercover while assuming the identity of a medieval knight to uncover a band of art thieves who joust at a popular dinner theater.
Walker, Texas Ranger Legends (TV-PG) A mob boss is prosecuted in court and his son begins killing people involved in the prosecution; Walker meets up with old pals at the Kickboxing Championship.
Firefox (TV-14, PG, **) An aging American pilot secretly enters the Soviet Union to steal a supersonic fighter plane, which is touted as the Soviet's latest technological marvel.

« Heart Condition (TV-14, R, **+) A vice detective receives a new heart from his slain enemy and as a result the ghost of his enemy is now his constant and unwelcome companion.
Blazing Saddles (TV-14, R, ***+) A black sheriff and an alcoholic gunslinger rally the citizens of a small town to defend themselves against a pair of dangerous and corrupt politicians.
I Escaped from Devil's Island (TV-14, R, *+) After suffering through the famed French prison in Guiana, two convicts try to escape, risking life and limb through piranha infest waters.
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